Annette Godtland's Home Page

I wrote and published 2 books! Do-It-Yourself Java Games and This Little Program Went to Market


I have my own company called Godtland Software Corporation

I especially like being outdoors. My hobbies include:

I am involved in various volunteer projects:

I wrote a walk through each of the Gospels reflecting on what each verse of the scripture meant to me.

I have taught classes on tatting and hardanger. Here is a collection of tatting patterns I found. Here are some links to some of my favorite hardanger patterns that I found on the web.

I created this puzzle using the Word Search Puzzle program which I sell on my business website,

My Sister, Susan Hill, of Westworks Design, does amazing paintings. Here are some products that feature her artwork!

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I am a graduate of North Dakota State University where I completed 3 majors: Computer Science, Math, and Math Education.

I more recently took several courses in Digital Arts at the Rochester Central Technical College. Here are some of my favorite projects:

See my first attempt at an interactive java game. (Actually, this was the very first game I tried writing in Java. No frills here!). I wrote some better games for my company Godtland Software Corporation.

I drew up some patterns for creating Beaded Snakes, Lizards and other Critters. Here are some instructions for making a Quillow, a quilt that folds into a pillow.

I would like to take an extended hike along the Superior State Hiking Trail sometime.

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