3D Modeling and Animation

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Annette Godtland

This is without a doubt my favorite of the digital arts courses I have been taking. These images and videos were all created using Macromedia Extreme 3D 2. Though this was fun for the course I took, any additional 3D modeling and animation I do I plan to do with Caligari trueSpace4.

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Beach Bunny

Our first assignment was to model an object using mostly geometric tools. We were to work with basic shapes as well as skin, lathe, and sweep tools.

I found this beach bunny in our instructor's box of toys and couldn't resist using it as my model.

In the Quiet of the Evening

This second assignment was to create storyboard for a scene then model that scene using materials, textures, and lighting. The design of the storyboard needed to take into account what potential movements may be added for future animation.

I had fun planning this scene, but am more excited about the animation I will be adding. Magical things can happen in The Quiet of the Evening.


This third assignment was to take a picture with a digital camera or scan in a photograph to use as a background for a scene. Then create a seamless tile and surface objects of our choice with the tile.

I chose to scan in an image because of the underwater scene I wanted to do. I cteated 3 seamless tiles, one for each kind of fish.

Earth Attack (zipped .avi video, 223KB)

This next assignment was to take melt something down.

As I was trying to decide what to melt, I created a simple sphere then came across a globe texture to apply to my sphere. It was only a matter of simple deduction that concluded that the earth melted because of some form of attack.

Skateboard Stunt (zipped .avi video, 1032KB)

This next assignment was to animate some objects having them move around and either have them collide or do near misses.

Thinking of objects approaching each other without colliding sounded like acrobatic stunts to me. So I created skateboarders from the people in my "Quiet of the Evening" project and had them perform a 3-man stunt.

Playground Antics(zipped .avi video, 2633KB)

Our final project was to animate a storyboard. The storyboard used in the second assignment was one scene of the full storyboard.

The characters in this scene really came to life. My storyboard was made up of 25 scenes. I only managed to complete animation of the first 10 scenes here. Hopefully I will some day get time to finish the full story.

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