Computer Graphics II

Course Work

Annette Godtland

All the images below were created using Adobe Photoshop 5. Everything was created from scanned images, images provided in our textbook, or images found on the web.

(Click on the image to see it full size.)

Looking for the Green Giant

Our first assignment was to take an assortment of pictures of fruits and vegetables and cut and paste them into a scene.

After building the face, I could tell I needed to give this person a home.

Filter Study

This assignment was to change "The Yellow Lady" picture to some other color scheme then experiment with different filters to get different effects.

I found several filters which I liked so I made a collage of them.


We were to take a single texture and adjust colors and use filters to create new filters. This was kind of fun seeing the variety of textures that were all created from the same picture.

Out of Town for Awhile

Our assignment was to insert a picture of ourselves into a scene of a place we had never been before then make it into a postcard.

I couldn't resist a chance for a trip on the Enterprise. Actually, I created this postcard just before leaving town on a week long trip, so the caption was very fitting.

Self Portrait

For this project we were to create a self portait creating an image that defined who we are.

I really like the outdoors and the mountains so I knew I needed some outdoor setting in my self portrait, preferrably with mountains. And everyone who knows me knows I spend too much time on my computer. But the computer is what sets my creativity soaring so I thought of the keyboard and the eagle. I also like quilting and sewing and many other crafts, thus the quilted boarder.


This assignment was to create a tesselation by cutting a geometric shape from one or more images then putting them together to create a more interesting image.

I created this tesselation from a circles cut from a few different wolf pictures I found. I really liked the shape that was created when I put these together.


I enjoyed the previous assignment so much that I decided to do another tesselation. I created this second tesselation from a triangle cut from a mountain scene. When put together, the images made a kaleidoscope. You Have to enlarge the image quite a bit to be able to pick out the sky, mountains, stream, and fence of the mountain scene. Actually, the original picture was from a hike I did in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Dancing on Air

This final assignment was to create an image combining one or more human with one or more animal to create something that says more than either picture had by themselves.

This was from a photograph of my daughter from her last dance recital. I added the wings of a bird to add the grace and uplifting spirit reflected in the dance.

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