Computer Graphics I

Course Work

Annette Godtland

All the images below were created using Denaba's Canvas 5. Everything was drawn with a mouse and in the case of the calendar, one of the image filters was used to add graininess to the background. No images were scanned.

(Click on the image to see it full size.)

In the Wave of a Hand

Our assignment was to learn some of Canvas 5 painting possibilities, trace an outline of our own hand, then paint in the background and finish it as a painting. We were to explore any of the painting tools in Canvas 5, be as creative as we could, and have fun with the painting tools.

Glacier National Park

This assignment was to create a logo, either our own design or an existing design. Our logo was to include text as well as painting. We should also be making use of layers.

I chose to recreate a design from one of my favorite t-shirts.

An Innocent Age

We were to create a portrait form an existing photograph by tracing it onto a clear transparency, then using the mouse to trace from the transparency to the drawing surface.

This is from an old portrait of my husband and two of his sisters from when they were children.

Christmas Carols

Our assignment was to create a realistic house and landscape using the full page and with more detail. The goal was to make a complete composition using both the draw and paint sides of the Candvas 5 program.

This is from an Christmas card we received. Sorry, but I got tired of making all the trees, so there aren't nearly as many carolers and children playing in my picture as there were on the card.

August Impressions

For this project we were to create a calendar page of a hero of ours. We were to make use of many of the techniques covered in our projects so far.

I chose to do one of Bev Doolittle. If you would like to see more of her work I found some on-line at Art at Rosselli - Fine Photographs and Originals

A Touch of Pink

This assignment was to draw plants by studying a real plant then drawing the shapes as we saw them, not necessarily what we thought the leaves/flowers should look like. We were to 1) draw some leaves using the polygon draw tool, 2) draw a cluster of leaves on a branch, and 3) use paintbrush to draw a flower.

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