Fabric (45" wide):

2 yds printed (front) fabric

2 yds solid (back) fabric

2 yds quilt batting (a queen size bag of batting will make 2 quillows)


  1. Prewash fabrics.
  2. Cut 19" square from each fabric for pillow.
  3. Square off cut ends of each fabric. You do not need to trim salvages of the fabric.
  4. Cut batting pieces to size of pillow and quilt.


  1. First for pillow then for quilt, place fabric right sides together on batting. Stitch " seams, leaving an opening for turning (8" for pillow, 12" for quilt). Trim corners and excess batting off.
  2. Turn pillow and quilt right sides out and slip-stitch openings shut.
  3. Quilt a diamong shape on pillow to stabilize batting.
  4. Pin pillow on back side of quilt centered at bottom edge, back side of pillow facing out. If your fabric print has an up/down direction, top of pillow should be aligned with bottom of quilt. Stitch through three sides of pillow. Continue 2 straight lines of quilting from pillow sides to top edge of quilt.
  5. That is all the quilting that is necessary -- enjoy your quillow

Fold it:

  1. Fold the quilt into thirds lengthwise.
  2. Turn pillow inside out, encasing ends.
  3. Fold quilt-end into thirds and stuff pillow: